PyDelhi Dev Sprints - 28th April 2018

Posted on Thu 03 May 2018 in Meetup

PyDelhi volunteer teamed up to organise dev sprint which is way different that the regular meetup and being in the team I had the reponsibility of reaching out to organisations and mentors for the same. Here's how it went!

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Google Summer of Code 2018 - Blog 2 - The Application Task and Results

Posted on Mon 30 April 2018 in GSoC

While preparing for Google Summer of Code, I had to complete Application Task provided by the mentors. In this blog I explained about the same, announcement of GSoC 2018 students and my acceptance into the program.

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Google Udacity Scholarship and getting my idea selected for Collaborative Projects

Posted on Mon 09 April 2018 in Google

Google Udacity Scholarship was awarded to me back in February 2018 with a chance to pursue Mobile Web Specialist course and get the nanodegree. This is a blog explaining what this scholarship offers and how my idea became one of the 5 selected for collaborative projects during the course.

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Google Summer of Code 2018 - Blog 1 - From Preparations to Debian to Proposal

Posted on Sat 31 March 2018 in GSoC

Being an open source contributor for more than a year I decided to get the best out of me by taking part in one of the biggest internship programs in the world. Here's how I started!

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Recovering commit after git reset --hard

Posted on Wed 21 March 2018 in Git

An hour left for project demonstration and while making few important changes you did something very veerryy aweful. It's --hard to recover but not impossible. This is how you can get the commit back from hell.

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MozAMU - My first talk for Mozilla and first visit to Aligarh Muslim University - 24th February 2018

Posted on Tue 27 February 2018 in Mozilla

I recently joined my mentor Sanyam Khurana who is also a Mozilla Rep for an event in Aligarh Muslim University on Open Source. Here's what happened!

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What Pelican quickstart actually do and how it does that?

Posted on Mon 12 February 2018 in Python

In this blog, I'll go through the process after running the command pelican-quickstart without any arguments inside a virtual environment to see what goes down in the background. Later in the blog, I'll figure out how everything works.

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Migrating data between different machines with scp

Posted on Mon 20 November 2017 in Linux

Migrating data from one machine to another is easy if both of them are physically accessible and in a same room. Just use a pen drive and it becomes the safest way too. But what if both the machines are further apart? The solution to this problem is what we are going to discuss in this blog.

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Python Game Challenge by PyDelhi, November 2017

Posted on Sat 11 November 2017 in Meetup

PyDelhi organized Python Game Challenge on 11th November, Saturday, 2017. Here’s what happened!

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PyDelhi + Ilugd + LinuxChixIndia Meetup, as it happened on 5th February 2017

Posted on Sun 05 February 2017 in Meetup

Meetup report of 5th February 2017 as a result of collaboration between PyDelhi, Ilugd and LinuxChix India.

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